Medicare Washington

A state sponsored program aimed at providing low cost health care coverage
Medicare Supplement Plans help to reduce the out of pocket costs to a great extent
This program is introduced to help the dislocated workers and people who retire early for any valid reason
Washington Foster Parent Program is aimed at providing the cover to the children under the foster care.
Washington Basic health program provides health care at an affordable cost
Medicare program is for the senior citizens older than 65 and people with disabilities

Medicare News

Latest Medicare News and updates. Stay informed on all things about Medicare.
  • Washington Guards and reserves

    Services in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle
  • Defenders fund

    The beneficiaries are eligible for a one time emergency grant
  • Individual Grant Program

    Competitive Grant program goes beyond the initial emergency assistance provided by the Defender’s Fund
  • Uniform Medical Plan

    The employee may get the shot directly and may get the vaccination billed based on the UMP directly
  • Group Health Classic and Value Plans

    This is to get a flu shot at a Group health clinic, Doctor’s office or at the campus health clinic
  • GAIP

    Beneficiaries are expected to make use of the program with the network provider who does not charge on disclosing the ID card

Statewide Health Insurance Benefit Providers

Protect the interests of the consumer by improving the quality of services